Especially made by Buffalo High School Students for Buffalo High School

Stay Healthy, Eat Fresh


Closed for the Summer- See you in the fall!

Menu / Price List

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About Us

Our Goals

Some of our great crew!

We are committed to providing healthy snack/drink alternatives to BHS students and staff. We will do our best to use the freshest ingredients and local products whenever possible. We hope to keep our prices low and still make enough to buy the freshest ingredients to keep us in business. 

Vocational Skills

Workforce ready!

Students in the Buffalo High School Life Skills program are committed to learning and practicing employment skills that will prepare them for the workforce. Our students love to taste test, create new recipes  and deliver smoothies to our school! Even our logo is student designed! 

We are Eco- Friendly!

Reduce plastics- help the Earth

We are committed to using eco friendly products. Our cups, lids and straws are all made from compostable plant based products and are BPI certified. They cannot be microwaved but are perfect for cold drinks! Please throw away in school trash cans, not recycle bins. 

Our Crew


Alvie - Design, Quality Control, Taster, Blend Master, Customer Service

Paxton- new to BHS, but a smoothie purveyor and all around good guy! 

Tate - Advertising, Quality Control, Blend Master, Taster, Customer Service Queen

 Kaitlyn - Kitchen Boss, Food Prep, Customer Service, Clean-up crew

Ashley- Smoothie blender, clean-up crew, delivery, customer service with a smile 

Jessie-  Smoothie blender, clean-up crew, delivery, customer service/ cashier


Teacher’s Aide Extraordinaire, Bookkeeper/Accounting, Taster


Brenda Nimick- Quality Control, Clean-Up Crew, Keeper of Mrs. Heil’s sanity

Julie Heil- Life Skills Teacher and Smoothie Station Development and Purchasing 

Myra Camino- Tech Goddess, Support and Advisor

Special Thanks to Luke Danforth, Jodi Ibach, BHS Staff and Chad Bourgeois for believing in us!